We believe everyone deserves a home because housing is a human right. Our government’s most basic function is to protect its residents and we are failing when thousands of people in North Texas are without shelter every night. Houselessness is a public health crisis, particularly during this pandemic. When there are limited affordable housing options, middle class people and working families are less likely to be able to find a place to call home. We deserve public servants that serve us, work for us, and house us. 

Happy Family
  • Ensure all people have a home in our cities by substantially investing in accessible, deeply affordable housing and providing robust property tax relief to low income homeowners who have the greatest need.

  • Expand emergency shelter services with protections for high risk groups, specifically for people with disabilities, undocumented residents, youth, and LGBT+ communities.

  • Permanently stop the disbandment of houseless communities which criminalizes poverty and instead provide direct services to shelter and house vulnerable communities.

  • Guarantee municipal utilities will not be shut off for residences during emergencies and disasters.

  • Give renters the option to purchase their home if a landlord decides to sell the property.

  • Prevent gentrification by providing tax lien relief in low-income neighborhoods and ensure any residential properties being demolished are rebuilt as sustainable high density housing or in a similar style and comparable value to existing surrounding properties.

  • Implement robust, local eviction moratoriums so families and individuals don’t fall through the cracks.