It is our time to create governments that serves all of us, which means we must put the lives of our residents first. This includes fully funding health and social services, as well as taking proactive actions to solve our communities’ issues at the root of the cause. We must meet the needs of our residents. Let's put our funding where our hearts are.

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  • Fully fund public and community services including, public transportation, health care, food security, accessible housing, immigration assistance, child care, internet access, fine arts, and after-school programs. 


  • Invest in restorative justice programs like reentry programs for formerly incarcerated individuals, narrow the scope of policing through efforts to decriminalize poverty, and demilitarize the police.


  • Develop a comprehensive emergency response plan with standards that ensure the protection of the most vulnerable communities, specifically youth, people of color, and people with disabilities, LGBT+ communities, and all people regardless of immigration status during times of disasters, health care crisis, and other emergencies. 


  • Continue to train and dispatch community care workers, mental health crisis response teams, and de-escalation first responders in routine patrols, 911 calls, and emergency situations, and invest in non-police forms of emergency response (i.e. CAHOOTS). 


  • Make all efforts to avoid the incarceration of offenders and to prevent the detainment of immigrants who pose no threat to the community through expanded citations and need-based diversionary programs.


  • Create city level IDs for all residents regardless of documentation status.


  • Ban No-Knock raids and Knock & Announce raids.

  • Eliminate juvenile curfews which criminalize the movement of our youth.