Our government should serve the people and make decisions that improve the lives of all, not just the few. This means committing to transparency, accessibility, and ensuring that everyone is included every step of the way. 

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  • Communicate with constituents honestly, openly, and in a timely manner.


  • Commit to providing virtual and full accessibility to public resources, events, and city council meetings including language interpretation and sign language.


  • Prohibit contractors who have violated local, state, or federal laws from receiving or holding city contracts. 


  • Promise to make decisions based on the needs of constituents and not be influenced by donors or special interests, such as police unions, real estate developers, or fossil fuel companies. 


  • Actively co-govern with constituents by ensuring community groups, particularly for marginalized communities such as people of color and people with disability, are represented on boards, commissions, oversight committees and advisory boards that are part of the decision-making and implementation process for initiatives. 


  • Ensure fair elections by increasing polling locations, expanding absentee ballot drop off options, and ensuring all instructions are accessible to every eligible voters.