We know that our cities thrive when working people thrive, but this isn't the case when income inequality is at an all time high. We share a vision where all residents have a living wage at a meaningful career within our cities. Let's create communities that works for us all.

Done Deal
  • Support the right for all city employees and public workers to organize and join unions.

  • Expand accessible workforce development programs like paid apprenticeships, OSHA safety training, tech and literacy courses, and vocational recertification to ensure all residents earn a living wage at a meaningful career.


  • Prioritize contractors and vendors who have a unionized workforce for public projects and require exemplary working conditions from corporations receiving public incentives and contracts from the city.


  • Provide investment and financial assistance to small businesses and worker-owned cooperatives through public procurement incentives and revolving loan funds.


  • Create city-wide relief funds for direct assistance to undocumented individuals and families, left out of stimulus bills, federal and state-wide relief programs.


  • Create working schedules for people and families - mandate 2-weeks in advance scheduling and restrict “clopening” shifts (when night and morning shifts are scheduled consecutively) .


  • Create public banks to invest in unbanked and underbanked communities to service individuals outside the private sector’s scope.