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DFW for All is a coalition of over 20 progressive organizations in North Texas that joined together during the 2021 municipal elections based on our shared values to fight for representation and accountability within our local governments. We see a better future through better leadership and are working together to make change happen in our cities!

We believe that people living in the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex should be able to stay safe and healthy, obtain a home, find a good job, and trust that their government is working towards that shared vision for our future. We built our platform hand-in-hand with the area’s most active advocacy organizations to ensure our solutions and actions fight for the most urgent needs of all people in our community.


We are working class champions, parents with full time jobs, volunteers, students, environmentalists, migrants, advocates, organizers, Fort Worth folks, Dallasites, your neighbors, your community.


Sign the platform to stand with us today.