We deserve to live in cities that allow us to move, play, work, and live alongside our planet. We have an obligation to ensure our cities are sustainable for all. We need brave, bold change in order to combat the growing ecological and climate crises. We deserve local solutions for problems that will impact us locally.

Kids Blowing Bubbles
  • Expand public transit services to be reliable, accessible, free, and net-zero emissions.

  • Implement policies to equitably make commercial and residential buildings net-zero emissions as soon as possible.

  • Update zoning plans and decision making processes to prioritize walkability within cities, increase accessibility for people with disabilities, and protect residents from environmental hazards.

  • Invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency to provide DFW residents with clean, affordable, and reliable electricity. 

  • Create food donation partnerships and municipal compost services to eliminate hunger and food waste.

  • Complete comprehensive cleanups and restoration of any areas affected by environmental hazards, such as Dallas' Lane Plating, Shingle Mountain, brownfields, and Echo Heights in Fort Worth.